Bicycles ride side by side with motorists in Arizona highways. Not only this but the statutes treat riders and drivers equally. But can you get a DUI on a bike in Arizona? The answer is no. Read on for a detailed explanation about whether you can get a DUI on a Bicycle.

Can You Get a DUI on a Bike in Arizona?
Can You Get a DUI on a Bike in Arizona?

Arizona Bicycle Laws

The number of Arizona bicycle riders continues to rise rapidly. For safety reasons, cyclists are required by law and special interest groups to respond to traffic rules and regulations just like motor vehicle operators. There are also additional laws specifically for cyclists such as the wearing of helmets. Arizona bicycle laws are detailed, and they have a lot of support and input from varied interest groups.

Currently, an intoxicated rider will not be charged with a DUI. But the cyclist won't get away scot-free as they may face other preferred related charges if they cause damage or injuries. An Arizona cyclist can be charged with public intoxication, disturbing the peace or reckless behavior instead of a DUI.

Arizona riders are also under peer pressure to act like reasonable people and not cycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The pressure comes from associations, groups, and organizations concerned about road safety and the good reputation of bikers.

Biking Under The Influence

It is common practice for those who drink to resort to cycling in the belief that it is a safer mode of transport and you can't get a DUI on a bike. Biking under the influence keeps people oblivious to the bicycle accidents that arise from small amounts of alcohol in the blood of riders.

During the last July 4th holiday, 289 people were arrested in Arizona in a day for driving under influence. If these people opted to ride bikes, the risks of harming themselves and others would be higher as reports indicate that small amounts of alcohol can disrupt the balancing of a bike and delay physical response. Bikers are cautioned to steer away from their bicycles when under influence.

Can You Get a DUI on a Bike in Arizona?
Can You Get a DUI on a Bike in Arizona?

Can You Get A DUI On A Bike In Arizona?

When it comes to DUI laws and riding bikes under the influence, Arizona law treats riders and motorists differently. Arizona laws on DUI for riders leave an answer of a big no to the question: Can you get a DUI on a bike in Arizona? A rider cannot be charged with a DUI in Arizona because drunken driving in Arizona is defined as being in control of a motorized vehicle while under the influence.

Bicycles or any devices moving under human power do not qualify as vehicles. So Arizona bike laws prevent bikers from being charged with a DUI. Only when the bike is motorized can a rider be charged with a DUI.

Matters are changing rapidly with some cities making provisions to stop the rise in drunken riding. The increasing number of bikes and scooters in Arizona makes it necessary for the menace of drunken riding to be stopped. Some states have introduced bike and cyclist specific DUIs referred to as BUI (Biking Under the Influence) and CUI (Cycling Under the Influence).

Key Takeaway

Currently, you can’t get a DUI for riding a bike in Arizona. But cyclists in Arizona are on notice not to ride under the influence as the law is vigilantly closing in with stricter penalties and punishment. Specific laws for bikers (BUI) and cyclists (CUI) are evolving from the cities and inevitably they will finally be a state endeavor. Some people in Arizona have gotten DUI’s from riding bikes before which has made them need a bike lawyer to help them get out of it. For more information on DUI cases read the rest of our blog.

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