Whenever death occurs, there are always loved ones left behind to grieve. It is a day that nobody wishes to arrive anytime soon, or at all. It’s especially painful to the point of anger if your loved one’s death was untimely and preventable. Such a death could be a result of wrongful death.

Wrongful death is when a person is unfairly killed due to the negligence of another person. Although money can never restore your loved one’s life nor erase your emotional pain, by the laws of Colorado, you may be entitled to monetary damages as the victim’s surviving relative.

In order for a Denver personal injury lawyer to file your wrongful death lawsuit, you must be the deceased person’s surviving parent, spouse, or child. Upon establishing your relation to the deceased, in the state of Colorado, a Denver personal injury attorney can file your case if your loved ones died under the following circumstances:

  • Exposure to dangerous work-related substances or conditions
  • Medical errors
  • Fatal car or airplane crashes
  • Criminal assaults
  • Death occurring in the midst of a supervised activity

If you’ve lost a loved one in an accident, contact a Denver wrongful death lawyer There are several other tragic situations that can classify as a wrongful death. When you contact the Denver wrongful death lawyer at the Personal Injury Law Firm of Colorado, we can inform you whether your loved one’s sudden death qualifies you to sue based on wrongful death. If our Denver personal injury lawyer finds that someone is liable for your loved one’s death, then that person will be held accountable. We will seek justice on the behalf of you and your deceased family member.

If you need to file a wrongful death claim or lawsuit, hire our Denver wrongful death lawyer. the Personal Injury Law Firm of Colorado of Denver, Colorado has handled numerous wrongful death cases. Our Denver personal injury attorney is seasoned in handling investigative cases that may require experts to provide their witness as proof of negligence. We are capable of guiding you in the right direction regarding your wrongful death claim or lawsuit.

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No one wants to deal with the loss of a loved one, especially in a tragic manner resulting from the negligence of another person. Our Denver wrongful death lawyer will stand by you every step of the way during this difficult time. You don’t have to face the legalities alone. Just contact the Personal Injury Law Firm of Colorado and let our Denver personal injury lawyer fight your battle all the way to the end, be it settlement or trial. We’re located in the beautiful downtown area of Denver, Colorado.