Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. A slip and fall accident, according to statistics, is the second leading cause of injuries in the US. Sometimes, it is not as simple as it may seem as 16,000 deaths each year in the country alone are attributed to slip and falls. These statistics show how important it is to take every slip and fall you have seriously, enough to warrant consulting a Denver slip and fall lawyer.

For elderly people, the risk of sustaining a lasting or even paralyzing injury due to slip and falls is substantially higher compared to younger individuals. No matter what age bracket you belong to, you should always keep in mind that the risk is always there. Furthermore, severe injuries sustained from a simple slip and fall would only manifest after a few days or even weeks. These cases are often handled as a homeowner’s insurance claim or may be handled as a personal injury settlement.

To avoid that predicament, a Denver slip and fall lawyer would advise you to seek medical help for slip and falls immediately after it happened and to document it. If the accident happened at home, it is recommended that you take a picture of where the slip happened and what caused the accident. Also, be sure that you have a record of having sought medical help after a slip and fall in your own home. This could prove to be the thing you need to have your claim approved in the future.

If the slip and fall happens in an establishment like the mall, you may not be able to file a homeowner’s insurance claim but you may still be eligible to file a claim with the establishment’s insurance company. To make sure that you would be able to make a claim, you also need to document when and how the accident happened. You can enlist the aid of people who might have seen the accident. Make sure that the incident is made known to the owner or the manager of the establishment and that it has been duly recorded along with the name of the witnesses.

By taking these cautionary steps, you could file a claim if the slip and fall indeed caused a serious injury to you. Even if your claim is denied, you still have a chance at a personal injury settlement. You just need a good Denver slip and fall lawyer like the Personal Injury Law Firm of Colorado who would be able to help you out with the situation. Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry, even after a slip and fall due to unsafe conditions around you.